Nocturnal Academy



Author: Ethan Somerville
Book Length: 189 pages
Published Date: January 4th, 2014
How I Got My Copy: Purchased
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Barnes & Noble



The book opens with Alice being bullied in the school yard at lunch. The group of boys call her names, and then steal part of her food, all without the teacher who is supervising the area noticing a thing. She is 12 years old, and likes nighttime and black clothing. Her current wish is that she will be accepted into a different high school than the bullies, and that she was a vampire with all the powers ever attributed to them so her life would be easier.

When she gets an interview for the exclusive Nocturna Academy, Alice is thrilled. Until 2 of the school bullies appear at the gates for an interview as well. The questions the school Principal asked were strange. Things like how she liked her steak cooked, what time she got up in the mornings, and if she was more aware at night than in the daytime.

Soon she is right in the thick of the fight between Good and Evil.



I really enjoyed this book. Bits of it reminded me of “Harry Potter”, but for the most part it has a charm all it’s own. It was weird reading that high school started at age 13, and I’m not sure where in the world it takes place. I’m guessing the UK somewhere as mothers are referred to as “mum”. It is the first in a series, and was good enough I will be picking up more of them. If you like fantasy books that contain werewolves, vampires, nature spirits, demons and other creatures of that ilk, and enjoy reading about magical schools and adventures, this is the series for you.


5 Stars.

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