Patricia Briggs

Steal The Dragon



Author: Patricia Briggs
Book Length: 275 Pages
Published Date: November 1st, 1995
How I Got My Copy: Purchased
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When Rialla was young, slave traders from Darran ambushed her clan, killing all the men and enslaving the women and children. For years, Rialla lived in bondage, serving her master while waiting for a chance to escape. When that chance came, she made the best of it–and fled to the mercenary nation of Sianim…

Now she can strike back at her former masters. A lord in Darran seeks to outlaw slavery–but there are plots to kill him before he can. Rialla is chosen by the Spymaster of Sianim to prevent the murder, and she’s plunged into a world of deadly magic–where gods walk in human form, where her most trusted companions are not what they claim, and where Rialla could be enslaved again…

As a spy, Rialla realizes the danger of her mission. As a former slave, she realizes she has no choice.



“I seem to have turned a simple information-gathering mission into defying the gods with a man who claims heritage with an obscure, all-but-forgotten race of tree-folk.”

I really enjoyed this book. It is the 2nd in a series, however reading it was more like reading a stand-alone book. It started and ended as though it was a single book and not one of a series. The characters were engaging and my favorites were of course Rialla and Tris. The fears and emotions Rialla displayed through out the book made sense and were appropriate to the situations.

The villains in the book were as well written as the heroes. Why they did what they did all made sense, and was worked out by the end of the book. No loose ends making you wonder about random details. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and intrigue.


5 Stars.

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