Dead Until Dark



Author: Charlaine Harris
Book Length: 332 Pages
Published Date: May 1st, 2001
How I Got My Copy: Purchased
Available From:
Barnes & Noble




Sookie is a waitress, and has been hoping and dreaming for a vampire to come in. When one finally does, she is so happy she does a little dance beside the bar. She manages to save the vampire’s life, getting in the first fight she’d ever been in and winning against the 2 people attacking him. The next time she met Bill the vampire, it’s he who saves her life.



Sookie & Bill are described as perfect in appearance, neither of the two main characters seem to have any flaws. They’re both equally gorgeous and stereotypically so. Sookie also keeps mentioning to you the reader, that she is disabled. Apparently she means the fact that she can read minds is a ‘disability’. She is also incredibly shallow, if people aren’t beautiful or have wonderful personalities she looks down on them. She also uses her telepathy on nearly everyone, while telling herself that it isn’t her fault, it was an accident. Or that they deserved it because they’re bad people. She was a complete twit and Bill wasn’t much better.

I confess I couldn’t get past page 70, I was forcing myself to read after about page 6-7. Thinking that it was just a slow start, and with all the people who seem to love the book and TV series, that it had to get better. It just got worse instead. So much of what happens is stuff you have to slog through to get to the next bit, and then when something slightly interesting starts it breezes by with such swiftness that it’s incredible, and just as swiftly forgotten. I wouldn’t recommend this book, unless you can pick it up for free just to see if it interests you, it isn’t worth spending any money on. And even then, I’m not sure it’s worth your time to read it when there are so many other better series out there.


1 Stars.

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