Jessica McBrayer

Hell Hounds Are For Suckers

Author: Jessica McBrayer
Book Length: 57 pages
Published Date: December 15th, 2013
How I Got My Copy: Purchased
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It opens with Hannah walking in a graveyard on a cloudy night. She’s dwelling on how her love life sucks, and then thinks about how she was turned into a vampire and met her friends. She comes across a puppy that insists on following her home. Soon the puppy starts belching fire and she runs to her friends to find out what’s wrong with it. Apparently, she had been adopted by a hell hound.

When the hell hound’s demon master appears at her door and demands him back, she refuses and so does the puppy. At least at first.



Hannah talks and acts like a teenager even though she’s close to 200 years old. There are many mentions of marijuana throughout the book. It’s the 2nd in a series, and only 57 pages long. So it’s a quick read, and has some funny parts to it. Over-all it was cute, and made me curious about the other books in the series. If you’re looking for a fluffy and quick read, and enjoy vampires, djinn, and other fantasy creatures, this would be a good choice.


3 Stars.

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