I am not currently accepting books for review.

I accept Fantasy and Sci-Fi, though not Dystopian or post-apocalyptic. YA is fine as long as it fits the above guidelines.

I accept ARCs, finished copies, and ebooks. If the book is a part of a series, then I may need the previous books.

I am NOT accepting self-published books, or indie press books at this time. If they are already on my to be read pile, they will get reviewed, however I am not accepting more.

Review Policy:

I write reviews for every book I finish, and they will be posted to this blog as well as Twitter and Google+.

My reviews will always be my honest opinion. If I like the book, it will reflect that. If I didn’t like the book, it will reflect that as well.

That said, I try to explain in my reviews why it did or did not work for me.

If I did not finish the book, I may still review it up to the page I read. I will clearly state why I did not finish it, if I plan to pick it up and try again, and where I stopped reading.

Review Structure & Star Rating:

All reviews will have the following format:

Book cover
Book Length
Published Date
How I got my copy (purchased, author or publisher gift in exchange for a review)
A summary in either my own words, or the summary from the back of the book. Whichever I feel fits better with the story.
My review
A star rating


1 Star: I really didn’t like this book.

2 Stars: Significant number of things I didn’t like that negatively impacted my overall enjoyment, though I may still have liked some parts of this book.

3 Stars: I liked this book over all, but there were still enough factors I didn’t like to affect my enjoyment.

3.5 Stars: A book that is above average, though didn’t quite fit the “perfect for me”. It’s still a good and solid rating.

4 Stars: I really liked this book. It wasn’t a “perfect 5” for me, but I still really liked it.

5 Stars: I loved this book! It’s a “perfect 5” match, and means it is something I must have a copy of at all times so that I can re-read it over and over again.


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